The Complete Kit is perfect for an optimal online branding. It offers you an ultra-powerful website, connected to Centiva tools in addition to offering you a Facebook banner, perfectly adapted to the look of your site. Your kit will serve as a digital business card and ensure you always look good when your customers search for you online and when you communicate with them via Facebook.

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The Complete Kit includes

All the options of the Basic Kit

Creation of your matching Facebook banner

Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube profile photo

Creation of your professional Facebook page or Facebook pixel

Take the Perfect Photo for my Centiva website

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Optimize your web marketing with Facebook pixel!

What is a Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is an analysis tool that measures the effectiveness of an advertisement by following the actions taken by people on a website. Pixel data can be used to: ensure that ads are served to the right people, develop audiences for ads, and take advantage of Facebook's additional advertising tools.

When a person visits the website and performs an action (for example: visiting a listing), this triggers the Facebook pixel, which itself signals this action. In this way, it is possible to know when a customer is doing an action and can be reached again with future Facebook posts adapted for him.

All the features you need

Your Listings

Thanks to Centiva, your listings are automatically displayed on your website.

Interactive Map

Users of your website can browse an interactive map showing your listings


Do your customers appreciate your service? Share the good news by adding testimonials to your site.

Practical Tools

Your visitors will have access to tools such as the mortgage calculator or real estate alerts.


All our sites are created in French and English, without any additional fees. 

Your Domain Name

Do not share the spotlight with the other brokers of the agency, simply choose the domain name that suits you.

Full Blog

Submit a full blog filled with relevant articles provided by your agency to visitors to your website.

Contact Form

The contact form allows your potential customers to write to you easily while specifying their needs.


Individual: $ 495+tx

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Team: $ 695+tx

Start setting up

Additional fees may apply for any special request. The team site includes the integration of two brokers, a $ 75 fee applies for each additional broker. In addition, an unsubscription from the agency to Centiva or a move from the broker to an agency that does not use Centiva will automatically result in the removal of the website.


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