A Human Team Behind Powerful Products.  

Centiva is a meritocracy where nobody is left out. Our decisions are based on principles and a business philosophy placed on listening and self-development. The company's success and growth simply reflects our internal culture and our desire to excel. We are proud to develop innovative products and push the status quo every day !

Our Mission 
and Values

Manage, Communicate, Humanise

Striving for Excellence

Each of us aspires to be the best in his field. We are all working to create products that exceed market expectations.


Total Collaboration

We believe in total transparency and collaboration of all involved. Humility, integrity and the desire to see our peers grow are the values ​​that our business is founded on.

Winning Attitude

When we play, we play to win. We do not try to be the best everywhere, but when we embark on a project, we work hard and, as a team, we always find ways to succeed!


Good conditions, exciting projects and an exciting outlook on the future. Add to that a close-knit team that cares about the happiness of all its members. This is a winning recipe for a healthy and stimulating work environment!

“I learned that if you work hard and creatively, you can have just about anything you want, but not everything you want. Maturity is the ability to reject good alternatives in order to pursue even better ones.” 

Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work

Un petit mot de l'équipe



Customer Satisfaction Specialist

It's a pleasure to work with such dedicated colleagues. We are all very different, but we are always there for each other, whether for work or on a personal level.



Designer UI/UX

At Centiva, we strive to create extraordinary user experiences by putting the user at the center of the design of our tools. As a team, we dare to take different paths, because we are convinced that creativity is the key to success.



Web Developer

Working at Centiva means dealing with complex challenges with a dynamic, competent, rewarding and above all fun team. It's also beautiful moments between colleagues in a space where life is good!

Join the Centiva Team!

We are convinced that a team working in symbiosis is able to meet all the challenges. That is why we maintain a dynamic and relaxed work environment, fostering the creative effervescence nourished by all its members.

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